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Love Shared: What Others Say:

 ~Denny and Lin Moeller

Neither of us has been our normal upbeat in recent days.  The pandemic along with the greater division it has brought to our nation has taken its toll. We found the Spiritual Reset video very uplifting.  Metaphorically speaking it was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day.  The message was “spot on” and the visuals were soothing.  It was refreshing to hear a message not steeped in anger and political partisanship...

~Jacci McKenna

Poetic Forecast is filled with stories of triumph and tribulation, life lessons and 

thought-provoking calls to action. Life journeys are captured reflecting our human 

condition, connection to others and the natural world. We are challenged to dream 

of what is possible and to be our best selves.  Zan’s poems are timeless and 

relatable depicting heartfelt family ties and tributes to those who have gone before 

us. They take us to a place of beauty and serenity engaging all our senses, we are 

transported, we are there. 

  ~Audrey R. Lowe

Zan, I didn't know I could be more impressed by you or feel more blessed to have you in my life. I watched your conversation with Emma on YouTube and was thinking, "Lord, this woman is a saint!" I was following along in my book as your read your poems. You have such a beautiful spirit! You are at the top of my SHERO list!

Love Shared: What Others Say:

Love Shared: What Others Say:

~ Pastor Willie Gable

These words are priceless. Eternity touched your mind.

~ A. Johnson

The Lesson: What I see in this lesson is that you have an amazing ability to a channel for the higher good, no matter what the circumstance.  As I see it, you always strive to stay focused on whatever the truth may be,  no matter how it affects your emotions.  You NEVER attack or belittle. Really the lesson Zan may not be for you at all, but by those of us who are touched by your presence. 

 ~James Michael Brodie

The forecast is bright: Her tempo, conversational and melodic, weaves a gentle tapestry, drawing us into her understanding of the universe and her place in it . . . In Zaneta Varnado Johns’ Poetic Forecast, she sings because she is happy. She sings because she is free.

~ K. Gonithellis

The trajectory of Zaneta Johns' Poetic Forecast: Reflections on Life's Promises, Storms, and Triumphs takes us from sunrise to sunset, and through all manner of the turbulence and calm that we all experience in our lives. What is a constant in this touching and moving collection of poems is the author's faith in both God and humanity, and her heartfelt tribute to those in her orbit. Ms. Johns' voice is so authentic that you feel like you are her best friend, sitting across from her at the kitchen table as she speaks her heart to you. I have only had her book for a couple of weeks now, but it has already been for me a source of laughter, comfort and strength. I look forward to her next artistic endeavor! 


2020 was a year to NEVER forget. Filled with tremendous lows and reflective highs, 2020 taught us so much. It taught us to embrace love, to enjoy the little things, to cherish precious memories, to process our hurts, and to celebrate every accomplishment (both big or small). This book encapsulates every single one of those lessons. I LOVED the flow of the book. I'm impressed by the vulnerability shared throughout the book. I'm in awe of the author's ability to pull us in as if we're on this journey with her. Zan Varnado Johns has truly tapped into a space that seems untouched in our virtual world.  Every time I pick up the book, I read a phrase or word that I missed before. This collection will touch so many… it will encourage so many. It will help us all collectively heal. Five stars is not enough.


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading (and re-reading) Poetic Forecast.  I love your writing style and how you make poetry (and emotions) so accessible.  One poem in particular spoke to me, and I wanted to tell you about it.  The poem is “Missing You.”  When my mom died six years about (after many years of living with Alzheimer’s), I too wondered in what form she would reappear.  Years ago, my daughter took great comfort, after her dad’s unexpected death, when he would appear to her as a dragonfly.  (As an aside, a few years ago she was applying to Front Range Community College.  She was nervous to meet with the counselor, so I went with her.  We were both delighted and calmed when the counselor walked in wearing a dress covered in dragonflies.)    

Like your poem states, over the years, I could not find my mother in anything earthly, and became comforted by knowing she resides in my heart.  More recently, I am realizing that she is with me as I tackle some fun and not so fun challenges – like teaching myself to knit as she was an avid knitter. 

~L and D Carpenter

Quoting one of the esteemed authors included in this ENGAGING book, Zaneta Varnado Johns, "Our Words Matter!" It's a call to action -- reading, learning, understanding MORE or a literal movement of self to RISE above your personal experiences or direst challenges in these unprecedented times making a difference within yourself and/or outside of yourself! Within that is the hopeful outcome to be "Invisible No More" (see the chapter) and to SEE everyone... Because Everyone Matters in the Greater Whole -- This World we inhabit and should share for such a time as this. It is with earnest joy that I recommend everyone read and thoughtfully consider what this book represents! The cover is stunning, captivating feminine strength, beauty. Powerful personal wisdoms inside learned along the varied paths of the world around us and shared for another's benefit... You! In the truest sense at the core of each writers intentions it seems relevantly raw and real for each one of us individually and collectively -- men and women alike! A needed FLASHLIGHT to illuminate our paths ahead. There is something for everyone in this book ... Enjoy! Arise! Shine!

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