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Voices of the 21st Century:  Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference is a collaborative book written by 40 amazing women from across the globe. This 4th Edition of the Voices series includes my chapter entitled, " Invisible No More." In addition, my poem, " What Matters" is featured on the dedication page at the front of the book! "What Matters" appears in Poetic Forecast, also available for purchase. You may meet my co-authors at

Autographed 1-3 Copies
(US Only)

Autographed 4+Copies
(US Only)

Shipping price is for orders within the United States only. For International book orders, please email

Sample Review (from Amazon):

Woman = Resiliency...utterly touched by Zaneta Varnado Johns's Message!

Voices of the 21st Century is what is needed today. Whether it's the stories of inexplicable success or the resounding messages of unshakeable strength, each of these women share their lens on how they embody RESILIENCE. The tone is QUICKLY set with Zaneta Varnado Johns's feature at the beginning of the book entitled, "What Matters." At its core, we are immediately called to recalibrate on what really matters in our lives....the need for human interaction...our dependency on the kindness and caring of others; regardless of race, creed, status, orientation, etc. That said, I'm SO excited for the world to read this book. I know it will be a blessing to everyone as it has been for me. ~M. Jackson

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