Zaneta Varnado Johns

Love is a noun and a verb... I prefer the verb.



Zaneta Varnado Johns is a 2X bestselling author. Her 2020 debut book, Poetic Forecast: Reflections on Life's Promises, Storms, and Triumphs, topped Amazon's Bestseller List at #1 in six categories and reached #3 in another. Johns is a contributing author in the #1 international bestseller Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference, published in February, 2021. Believing that every word shared is an opportunity to love, Zan's writing will agitate, inspire, and comfort while prompting the reader to celebrate and reach out to others.

This former human resources leader spent twenty-nine rewarding years at the University of Colorado. Zan was recognized as one of the University of Colorado's Women Who Make a Difference. Since her 2007 retirement, Zan simply enjoys life and her circle of family and friends. To remain positive, she actively writes poetry, quotes, and other creative expressions. She is a wife, mother and proud grandmother who lives in Westminster, Colorado.


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