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Invisible Strength

As we close out this year of uncertainty, I am certain about many things. I'm certain that the spiritual reset of 2020 was intended. I'm certain that God has our attention. I'm certain that He will keep our attention. Moreover, I'm certain that in spite of the many painful tragic losses in 2020, our spiritual gains are numerous:

· Families first and connected

· Creativity ignited

· Outreach activated . . . reactivated

· Consciousness awakened

· Activism enhanced . . . illuminated

· Goodness prevailed

· Love won

Although we still have far to go, I'm optimistic about where we are. I'm in awe of and encouraged by the kindness and empathy already restored. Personally, I'm in awe of the massive shield of protection around my family and friends, and their families and friends. I'm in awe of the goodness that flowed my way this year, i.e. my dream of becoming a published author, fulfilled. I'm in awe of the positive impact that my book, Poetic Forecast, will have worldwide and the love it has returned to me. I'm in awe of God's light shining and my timeless reach around the globe. I'm reminded of my poem, "Invisible Strength."

You may not see me, but know that I’m there

I’m thinking, I’m moving

I’m working your environment

Making it mine

I’ve claimed it

For mine.

You don’t look at me, but I see you

I’m watching, I’m looking

I’m noting your moves

Preparing for mine

To make a difference

For mine.

Invisible to you

Vivid to those who matter

My quiet strength

Is loud to others

Who are mine.

Continue not to see me

Not to look

But you can’t ignore my impact

When my work is done

You’ll see.

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