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Long Overdue Update and Announcing Encore: A Collection of Poetry

I must admit that I am in awe of myself! I am touching the world line by line indeed! Three years ago, I introduced myself as a retired human resources leader. Today my titles are: poet, author, bestselling author, #1 international bestselling author, 4-time international bestselling author, keynote speaker. I also call myself a truth-telling vessel of love, light and grace.

I published Poetic Forecast in 2020 and After the Rainbow in 2022. What Matters Journal followed in July 2023, created and inspired by my Pushcart nominated poem, “What Matters.” It is a weekly guide for organization, selfcare, compassion, etc.

I serve as Administrator for the Passion of Poetry. I am an Editor for the Fine Lines Literary Journal, in its 32nd year. I am a co-author in the Women Speakers Association’s (WSA) #1 international bestselling series Voices of the 21st Century (2021, 2022, 2023). My poems appear as the Dedication page in these books. Stay tuned for my exciting partnership with WSA coming very soon!

In response to continuous applause and encouragement from my readers, creative colleagues and family, I published Encore in September 2023. Encore features 99 poems about love, life, nature, people and our overall human condition. The reviews are flowing in (one follows below). Please see more detailed reviews under “Expressions: Love Shared.”

Aloha! - I feel the magic when I read Zan's powerful words in this beautiful expressive collection. It is a word present that unites the chapters. ‘Encore’ is rich, full of spiritual wisdom and colourful truths around family, life, love, travel, and topics that matter.

Setting different moods, Zan captivates emotions we can relate to exquisitely as she bears her soul in prose and rhyme, enchanting us with poems like ‘Blessed Life,’ ‘Seasons’ ‘Mother Tell Me A Story - Yours’ ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Beyond.’

Zan’s gift is in her unique ability to make the simplest topic move mountains such as ‘Life as a Breeze’ and cut through the drama by bravely tackling bold topics of injustice, hunger and violence such as ‘Not Eclipsed’. She equally celebrates those that inspire her and illustrates a range of wonder and lighthearted humour. This - all in a spellbinding delight of ‘Encore.’

~ Pratibha Savani, Poet and Visual Artist, United Kingdom

Thank you Pratibha Savani and all of you who supported and encouraged me. This one’s for you!

Zaneta Varnado Johns

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