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Retired at Fifty… Workin' It at Sixty-two

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

While quietly observing my focus and elevated energy toward publishing my book of poems, my ten year old granddaughter Kyli exclaimed, "I there such a thing as being UNretired?" I smiled at the profound thought she'd shared and then realized what a fine example I'm setting for her. And then I chuckled and proudly said, "Yes…"

At age sixty-two, I listened to the whisper I'd been ignoring (I'd rather say deferring but it's been twelve years after all) since my retirement at age fifty. I intended to write more and publish something in the first two years after retirement. But life got in the way, in a good way though! Five grandchildren and now a global pandemic later, I'm ready! Ready to write… ready to share… ready to publish… ready to be UNretired… somewhat!

Since April 2020, I've written six poems, joined Women Speakers Association, written one chapter for an upcoming collaborative book, submitted a manuscript for publishing my poetry collection, established Zan Expressions, LLC, created a website, opened a business account, acquired a business license and learned as much as I can about marketing and social media. If I must say so myself, I'm workin' it at sixty-two… with the help of my village!

I'm doing something that I love and I am energized. It is true what they say about following your passion. What I'm doing is not work and although I'm devoting countless hours, it does not feel like work. I am still happily retired and the joy in my heart is overwhelming. In the midst of these troubled times, I am grateful for every aspect of my life. Furthermore, I thank you for joining me on this new journey!

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