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Today is a joyful day, a special day for my family and myself. This day is for my father, Frank E.

Varnado, and my oldest sister, Rita Varnado Magee. On November 16th they both passed away,

twelve and twenty-one years ago respectively. Today I honor them as I celebrate the official

launch of my book, Poetic Forecast: Reflections on Life's Promises, Storms, and Triumphs. In

colorful Colorado, the forecast today is sunny and clear. I know they are smiling down on me. I

sense their pride and am fueled by their never ending love.

Every day offers a sunrise and a sunset, and so many words in between. As I've said, this equates

to numerous opportunities to spread love . . . to make a positive difference in someone's life. Our

words matter. With the publication of my book, I'm loving globally and vulnerably. I pray that

the universe will see my light and that it will be forever kind.

To my all my readers (present and future), I've prayed for you. Your book is waiting. Our lives

are intertwined, as God intended. I'm grateful for your interest and support. May you be inspired

and blessed as you read and share my book. Do you know someone who could benefit from

inspiring words? Are you looking for inspiration? Are you tired of negative news? Do you need a

break from social media, or pressing demands in general? Are you lonely? Is your book club

searching for its next title? Then please pick up your copy of Poetic Forecast to be beautifully


Thank you!

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Karen Watson
Karen Watson
20 พ.ย. 2563

a beautiful post, Zan, and a lovely book - so rich visually and emotionally, thank you

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